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Interview from August 20, 2017 with english subtitles (US-Case)

Phone HRDs with EFV from August 11, 2017: Proof Fraud (Case)

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As a matter of fact, we are covering the biggest criminal CONSPIRACY ever in Swiss history. The damages claim (1.50 Billion$ = CLASS-ACTION + JURY TRIAL = WILDHABER v. EFVt al = CH-ZKB + CH-UBS = US-Human Rights Defenders Inc. versus  CH-Eidgenössische Finanzverwaltung et al = CH-Zürcher Kantonalbank + CH-UBS-Bank) was adopted in the United States at Broward 17th County on April 21, 2017 under ATCA (Aliens Tort Claim Act) and bore the file number Clerk Case: CACE-17-007033. The lawyers of the ZKB + EFV requested a removal. Now the $ 1.50 trillion claim is pending at the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA under the file number Case No. 17-CV-61212-WPD - HON. JUDGES DIMITROULEAS / SNOW. The official Switzerland engages incompetent US-lawyers and avoids any discussion. Why ? Because they have no arguments! Sad but true ! Is that the famous SWISS democracy? Definitely not !